Implant Overdenture

Implant Overdenture

Dentures stabilized with Implants: there are many styles of implant-stabilized dentures. Some are screwed in, some snap in and out, some use 6 implants and some use 2 implants. This is another situation in which the decision is left to the patient, and conversation will be had about what are the best options for the individualized situation.

Long story short, if you ever find yourself in need of dentures, we recommend minimally, to have 2 implants placed to help support the lower denture. The lower denture is significantly harder to adjust to and learn to use because of the several muscle attachments around the lower jaw, floor of the mouth, and more specifically the tongue. The tongue is used to create all types of sounds, using all types of movements which can often dislodge the lower denture. Implementing at least 2 implants on the lower has profound implications. It is a real game changer for people with a lower denture.

Think of implants like this, as a general guideline, the more implants for a denture, the better. Usually there is no need to have more than 6 implants per arch.

Please Call to find out more about this procedure. There are some very amazing options available.

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