Metal-free crowns and bridges


A crown is a restoration in dentistry that strengthens a tooth that has been compromised. Think about a crown like this – The tooth is prepared to look like a slightly smaller version of itself, removing only 1 mm of tooth circumferentially. This creates space so that a crown can cover the tooth, ultimately strengthening and protecting the tooth. A crown feels and looks like a natural tooth.


Bridges are utilized when a there is a tooth missing or a gap needs to be fixed. Bridges are very esthetic and not only restores the functional ability, but also appears as if the tooth was never missing. Think of a bridge like this – When two teeth sit on either side of a gap are prepared for crowns, and the final bridge will link those teeth together, spanning the gap.

*Bridges and crowns are also used for smile makeovers. With these types of procedures, we have the ability to enhance the looks and color of teeth.

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