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Dentures in Las Vegas

Sometimes, Dentures are the solution to replacing all of your teeth. If you feel that you need Dentures in Las Vegas, Dr. Rick can help you and walk you through this process. For starters, we'd like to share with you some of the common types of dentures that you'll be likely to find.

Conventional Dentures

When a person has lost all of their teeth, it is known as ‘edentulism.’ At this point, dentures are the solution. By taking an impression, and pouring up a stone model, we can replicate the bone structure in a person’s mouth. Then we make a denture to fit around the model. This can be done for the upper and/or the lower teeth.

Immediate Dentures

Using a similar procedure, we make the denture while the patient still has teeth. The goal being, the day the teeth are removed, the dentures are given to the patient. This allows the patient to appear as if they have never lost their teeth.
This procedure is a bit more complex and sometimes requires follow up, and healing time to get the best result possible. If you are concerned please call and schedule to have any questions about this procedure answered.

Dentures Las Vegas
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