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Exams and Treatment Planning

  • Essentially, there are two types of exams. An emergency or ‘limited’ type exam, and a routine or ‘comprehensive’ type examination.
    • Limited Examination: Commonly, a patient might be experiencing some discomfort with a particular tooth or area in the mouth, and/or a specific tooth might have broken or become sensitive.
      This is a problem-focused type interaction where the doctor and the patient discuss symptoms and goals for the specific tooth or area.
    • Routine Examination: This can be a ‘New Patient’ exam, or a more thorough ‘comprehensive type exam’ evaluating all teeth, and oral health components.
      During this exam, the doctor will establish a baseline record of each tooth individually, gums tissue health, health of the TMJ and to note if there is any occlusal ‘bite’ issues present.
  • Treatment Planning Experience: In dental school and throughout many continuing education courses, dentists will often hear the phrase “The Art of Treatment Planning.” It is such an “ART” because for any specific dental problem there are always at least two good options to choose from, usually many more. Not only are there several options for the dentistry, but each patient also has different dental desires and needs as well. Treatment planning dentistry is more like playing chess than checkers, moving the pieces with the patient to find the best plan that fits the individual in the chair. All of this is taken into consideration, in-depth with the treatment plan experience. We strive to hold all treatment planning sessions as an interactive, education-based discussion that includes problems, solutions, the pros and cons to these solutions, and most importantly, what that patient wants.
  • We feel this part of our dental experience will be unlike any other dental experience you have had. Please call and schedule with any questions you may have.
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