If you want to maintain your oral health, you need to visit a dentist regularly. This won’t come as a surprise to you, but many people ask, “How regularly?” Typically, we recommend that patients visit a dentist once every six months, but that answer won’t apply for everyone. Below, we’ll discuss some of the factors that may require increased dental visits.

Eating and Drinking Habits

What you eat and what you drink will impact how often you need to go to the dentist. This is because junk food and sugary drinks are high in sugars that stick to your teeth. You need to clean this sugar off as soon as possible, but that’s not always practical. It’s particularly troubling with sugary drinks, given the fact that you’ll be exposing your teeth to the sugar for an extended period.

Though it doesn’t involve sugar, smoking also increases your risk of teeth problems and gum disease.

Braces and Piercings

Adolescence is a time for growth and self-expression. When it comes to oral care, this means two things: braces and piercings.

Braces need to be regularly checked and cleaned by a professional because food can get stuck within the wires. This can lead to bacteria that needs to get cleaned out. The same is true for piercings: bacteria grows on the metal in your mouth, causing problems.

If you are wearing metal braces or Invisalign, we recommend routine cleanings every three months. This helps ensure when your teeth are straight, they are also healthy. 

How Well You Take Care of Your Teeth

Home care is of the most significant factors determining how often you need to visit the dentist. Do you floss and brush your teeth twice a day? Just as important: do you know how to floss and brush your teeth properly?

If you’re taking proper care of your teeth, the dentist won’t need to do as much work, which means less pain and less visits. The American Dental Association recommends going at least twice a year. Ultimately, you need to follow the recommendations of your dentist. If you don’t have one, let us help you!

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