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Dental Implants in Las Vegas

Single Dental Implants are the perfect solution to a single missing tooth. If you’ve been hiding your smile, Dr. Rick at Accelerated Dental have the solution for you.

The team at Accelerated Dental has years of experience in bringing confident smiles back to patients. We have worked with everyone from performers and athletes to blue collar folks that have needed teeth replaced.

Making Tooth Replacement Accessible

The Accelerated Dental team has made getting that new smile even easier with financing options, for as low as $149 per month, your new smile can be yours.

What’s more is that Accelerated Dental’s caring staff can help you with the entire process. We will talk you through what you can expect from a new Dental Implant.

The Dental Implant Process

The absolute best replacement for a single missing tooth is a dental implant.

  • Think of a single dental implant like this: The implant is surgically placed in the bone to replace the root of a missing tooth. This takes 3-6 months to heal, once healed, a crown in screwed into the internal portion of the implant.
  • An implant can be brushed and flossed like a natural tooth, and looks and feels like a natural tooth.
  • Usually, the extraction of the tooth is much more invasive than the placement of an implant. In most situations, post-operative healing is minimal. If you have more questions please call, and always consider an implant first.

Ready for your new smile?

Our patients often tell us that the tooth replacement process changes their lives. If you’re ready to see if our process is the right fit for you, get in touch and we’ll set up your free consultation.

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