It’s difficult to tell what type of dental pain or hassles are normal and which one requires immediate assistance. Sometimes, the problems seem to be small but can quickly turn to huge hassles if left unaddressed. 

Your dentist is capable of determining the actual cause of the problem, and whether you need immediate dental care, or more. Tooth problems come in various sizes and shapes and knowing any skilled emergency dentist can save you from long hassles. So,below are some signs that you need to call an emergency dentist or make a visit to them. Let’s get started. 

1.Severe Toothache

The one main sign you need to call the dentist is an unbearable toothache. If you are suffering from minor tooth pain, this is a warning sign that you need to schedule a dental appointment asap, but if the toothache is unbearable then only dentists can help you prevent an emergency situation. 

2.Swelling/Swollen Jaw

A swollen jaw is a potential life threatening emergency. It indicates the occurrence of an infection.So, if you are feeling bad mouth taste, trouble breathing or swallowing seek dental assistance as soon as possible. 

3.Tooth Numbness

After a painful toothache, sometimes the nerve dies, and the tooth becomes totally numb. Although there is no longer pain, infection is still taking place which needs immediate treatment. The feeling of total tooth numbness can cause major dental issues leading to heavy expenses and discomfort. Call our dental office ASAP! 702-880-4141

4.Broken Teeth

A broken tooth can be a serious concern. Once a tooth breaks, it can allow bacteria to get into the nerve, causing the tooth to die. Even if there is no pain, you should seek dental treatment early and often. Prevention is the best method. Visit the dentist to save yourself from further issues. 

Additionally, constant headaches, and bleeding gums are also the signs of visiting the emergency dentist. If you are looking for a skilled and qualified emergency dentist who can assist in any of these cases then visit us at Accelerated Dental. Here, we strive to provide urgent attention to the patient’s dental needs.